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Guest house Sorairo

Rooms & Facilities



●You can choose from three different plans. You can bring your own food and drink.
●Because we have a small children, we may have a sudden break depending on our physical condition.
Please make a reservation by the day before your stay.
●Please pay in cash at check-in.
●Check-in 16:00 ~ 20:00 / Check-out 10:00  /  Off Time 23:00


10 tatami Room (1) 


Capacity: 2 to 5 adults (+ children)
This room is recommended for families and large groups.


 No meal plan  1night with breakfast  plan 1night with 2meals plan
5500 yen / person  6500 yen / person 7350 yen / person
tiny room

Capacity: 1-2 adults (+ children)
Two semi-double mattresses.

It is recommended for the person .
Who wants to relax in the room because there is a sofa and a desk.


No meal plan 1 night with breakfast plan 1 night with 2meals plan
5500 yen / person 6500 yen / person 7350 yen / person

Elementary school children are half the price of adults.
Children under elementary School are free to sleep. If baby need a futon, it is + 500 yen.
In winter, it costs 500 yen per night for adults as heating.
4/29~5/5 and 8/12 ~ 8/15 is a high season fee (+ 500 yen per person).


Optional plans


We will help you to create memories of your birthday.
(Reservation required 3 days in advance)
The basics are shortcake of whipped cream.
It is a handmade cake that a mother makes unlike a cake shop.
For details, please contact us by phone.
The following number of people is a guide.

・15cm round type 1500 yen (for 2 - 4 people)
・20cm round type 2300 yen (for 3 - 5 people)
・21cm Square type 2600 yen (for 6 - 8 people)

Team work is an important experience program. (from 3 guests.)
Reservation required 3 days in advance)
The dough is hung on a bamboo stick and it is baked on a bonfire.

Father is active in the role to twirl!
Baumkuchen-making starts at 9 in the morning.
It can be about 15 to 20 centimeters and eight slices in one bottle.
Because it is easy and delicious, it is very fun!

1 bottle 1800 yen (+ 1500 yen per additional) duration is 60 minutes.


Sorry, there is no bath and shower that guests can use in the guesthouse.
There are a lot of hot springs and hot spring baths in Kurokawa Onsen, which are within a 15 to 20 minute drive.
We would like to ask you to take advantage of the outside hot springs.
The bathing of the inn and the public bath is almost until 9pm.
Those who are with children or who arrive late, "Shiraiwa Onsen", "Kannon Onsen", and
It is recommended to have a family bath 24 hours a day, such as "Yutaka Yu" and "Kunugi Yu" of Hot springs.


Dryer, hanger, hot water bottle, free WiFi, Western toilet, stove, fan,

Please prepare the following

Toothbrush, Towel, nighty


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