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Guest house Sorairo


Since the train does not pass until Oguni town, the nearest station is  Ozu Station.
(The ASO station has been cancelled due to the impact of the Kumamoto earthquake.)
One round trip from Kumamoto Airport per day.
From Fukuoka Airport, there are four round trips a day and a high-speed bus.
Because of the mountainous area, it is more convenient to come by car.
Because the Sorairo is at an altitude of 550 meters high Summer evenings can be cool and snowy or frozen in winter. Please be careful driving.

【By car】

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Because the address is new, the address search will come up with a different place.
"Kamida  post ofifce", the map that showed near Big buddha  Because it is a mistake, please be careful!


* Due to the effects of the Kumamoto earthquake, Ozu-ASO City of  Route 57 has been blocked.

[ From Kumamoto Airport ]
Route 57 (to Ozu) → Milk road → Route 212 → Route 387 ( 90 minutes)

[ From Fukuoka Airport City ]
Highway to Oita → Oita road Kusu IC → Route 387 ( 90 minutes)

[ From Aso City ]
Route 212 → Route 387 ( 50 minutes)

[ From Takachiho ]
Route 325 → Route 57 → Route 212 → Route 387 (2 hours)

[from Kurokawa Onsen ]
Route 442 → Farm Road (15 minutes)

[ from Oguni roadside station ]
Route 387 → turn right at the third signal (about 10 minutes)

[By bus]

[From Hakata Bus terminal, Fukuoka Airport]
Sanko Bus "Kurokawa Onsen" express bus → Get off at Yu station or Kurokawa Onsen (about 2 hours 40 minutes)

[From Kumamoto Station, Aso Kumamoto Airport]
Kyushu odan bus "to Beppu" → get off at Kurokawa Onsen (about 2 hours 40 minutes)

[From ASO Station]
Kyushu odan bus "to Beppu" → get off at Kurokawa Onsen (about. 60 min.)
Oguni community bus "Route bus 1"→ get off  at "Yu Station" or kurokawa Onsen (about 50 minutes)


◆We pick you up at "Yu Station" or "Kurokawa onsen" 17:00-20:00.
Please let us know your arrival time by phone or E-mail 


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